Entlet – SVR LP 007 Techno House – Mastering: Lad at Caduceus Mastering
Mystic Condor 06'51'' Through Mystic Condor, you will rise towards a joyful and powerful hypnotic state of mind. The Feathered Serpent will delicately bring you in an extraordinary journey.
Tramontina 07'45'' is a groovy and spatial evocation, an atmosphere deserving Mr. Fritz Lang's movie. All the sounds progress constantly towards the highest level, like the sun.
Night New World 8'18'' is the most chill-out piece of this release, everything stretches and calms down, but never forget the whip lash.

Pandallougi – SVR LP 006 Deep Minimal – Mastering: Jenkins Clive
Iceberg 10'58''
Eclaircie 07'44''
Chupito 10'40''

Born Bjorg – Stefan Kranz – SVR LP 005 Techno – Mastering: Jenkins Clive
Born Bjorg – At the end of the day 07'24'' Smooth with a nice touch of groovy dynamics, following the Chicago house spirit they assert their rise towards an innovative musical collaboration.
Stefan Kranz – Search and Find 09'57'' does'nt have a long story, it has been recorded over a weekend; Stefan Kranz's wife was looking for something in their house and going mad about it. This probably influenced strongly the atmoshphere of the track.

Emilie Nana – SVR LP 004 Techno House Chicago – Mastering: Jenkins Clive
As Usual 06'40'' If the mundane could be translated into music, “As Usual” would be the perfect example. First track of the EP and you are transcended. The confluence of a funk electro disco which create a desire to gather all together.
Dancing Dancer 05'34'' “We are Dancing!” she shouts in her vocoder. With “Dancing Dancer” it's indeed a proper jump in the Miami Vice fever with an evasive bassline which runs wild through spacious dancefloors.
Figures Off The Wall 05'47'' At last it is impossible to miss the point with “Figures Off The Wall”. An incantation to the spirits of the night. Emilie Nana, orginally from Lyon, samples with care “Yanneklar” from the swedish artist Disk.

Nicolas Jéhouda – Nachtwelt – Dollar Mambos – SVR LP 003 Deep-Minimal – Mastering: Jenkins Clive
Nicolas Jéhouda – Myrte 06'06'' The rhythm and percussion of Myrte are harmoniously accompanied by swathes of violin and interspersed with guitar, slowly evolving towards a form of romantic introspection.
Nachtwelt – 35, rue Marengo 05'49'' is a masterpiece of originality, built on samples taken from different cultural contexts. The oriental atmosphere brings to mind flashbacks of the ambience of old films.
Dollar Mambos – Nancytamine 11'05'' This track is made up of captivating and hypnotic minimal elements executed in a house style.

St-Plomb – SVR LP 002 House Techno – Mastering: Thomas Brinkmann
In pure house music tradition, two interpretations of a same idea: Whereas Niki (uptown) 08'13'' looks for depth and elegance, its downtown 07'41'' counterpart strips the groove into percussive drive. This set of tracks was born from an impromptu jam session with kids of the surroundings… As you can hear at some point.

Crowdpleaser – SVR LP 001 Techno-House – Mastering: Jenkins Clive
Hitzewallugen 08'09'' is built around long synthesizer rises. Its sounds resonate and amplify as in a castle’s perimeter, where the walls spirits revive.
Shakal 10'34'' is a magnificent harmony between different sound stratums. This track gradually produces its sounds ‘till it reaches to a therapeutic atmosphere.